What to know about buying prescription drugs in Wisconsin

We all know how important to stay healthy. Medicines and health care products are part of our daily life. Therefore, we are all interested in buying only the best products. However, they should be as inexpensive as possible. And we want to make purchases with convenience and comfort. The pharmacies listed below meet all of these criteria.

Northern Lakes Co-op Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.6)

  • https://www.thriftywhitecoop.com/
  • 15846 W US Hwy 63, Hayward, WI 54843, United States
  • (715) 634-8238

Your medicine will be ready in 30 minutes. Leave, get my oil changed, halfway across town come back and still isn’t ready, but there doesn’t seem to be any interrupting employees conversations as the line is five people long, then I am rudely told to sit down and wait again. Next time will definitely use Northern Lakes Co-op Pharmacy, not Walgreen.

Perfect Place To Get Your Medications The Staff Are Exceptional And Actually Take Their Time With The Customers I Greatly Appreciate Them And Will Keep Going Back Highly Recommended!!!

Essentia Health-Hayward Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.4)

  • https://www.essentiahealth.org/
  • 11134N WI-77 STE A, Hayward, WI 54843, United States
  • (715) 634-6774

A lady with the last name Gutierrez at the Essentia Health-Hayward Pharmacy almost ruined the whole experience. She was very rude, very unpleasant, very unprofessional. She looked like she hated tending to people who spoke down to my mother. Refused to help us or listen. When we were trying to answer her, she will just loudly talk over us. The only reason we did not go somewhere else is that the pharmacist was great.

Don’t call unless you want to be placed on hold for 20 or more minutes. The person who answered the phone did not have good phone etiquette. Called in a script, went 1/2 hour after I was told, it wasn’t ready and bathrooms were closed, both of them, I had to leave cause I had to go.

ViaQX Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.3)

  • https://viaqx.com/
  • 10212N N Greenwood Ln, Hayward, WI 54843, United States
  • (715) 634-6520

I had a really great experience at ViaQX Pharmacy.  They scheduled an appointment for a week after I called.  I literally walked in, sat down, walked back to the exam room.  I was there for an 1.5 hours for several different testing.  I went back the next week for blood work and it took 10 minutes.  Super impressed.

Ann Yapel, PharmD (Google Rating: 4.2)

  • https://www.essentiahealth.org/
  • 11134n WI-77, Hayward, WI 54843, United States
  • (715) 634-5505

Unfortunately, we tried this Ann Yapel, PharmD 3 times, and each time, the staff were aloof at best. Some are downright rude. The pharmacy will not fill RX for non-local people or doctors. If your visiting and need an RX called in use Walgreens. They will.

No long waits, friendly, just a warm feeling when you walk in the door. Prices for Viagra are very reasonable and just an all-around Great Pharmacy. I love coming here for prescriptions and great customer service.