Fishing/Outdoor Report:

Most area waters are too unstable for truck traffic on account of ice conditions not pushing much past 12 inches yet.  We are seeing ice depths anywhere from 6 to 12 inches. 

Fishing has been mostly good this last week with the more consistent weather.  Looking ahead though we do have some different weather patterns forthcoming, with snow, wind and cold in the forecast (if you believe in forecasters). The area lakes continue to put out some good bites.  Quantity can happen now and then, but most fish being caught are below average to average sized. 

Walleyes are still being caught, but not at the pace they were around Christmas and New Year’s.  Best bet is still to use a dead sticks to picking up some nice fish.

A very limber tipped rod, straight 6 pound test mono and a glow hook tipped with a live small shiner or fat head.  Obviously it still pays to jig near a dead stick.  As for the walleye bite, we are now consistently back into a window of early mornings and later afternoons until dark, and a little after dark. 

Panfish are still going good on simple bobber and minnow combos concentrated over 8-12 foot depths in and around vegetation.   Small teardrop jigs tipped with waxies had produced also.  Best time appears to be late afternoon for the best bite. 

Northern pike fishing is keeping anglers busy for those that set up with a shiner or sucker minnows over the tops of the weeds and weed edges in 6 to 10 feet of water. 

We need snow and cold temps, that is quite obvious.  It has been an odd year in every way so why should the weather be any different.  We did get about 4 or 5 inches of fresh snow last week in much of the northern part of the county, however it was wet and heavy and our temps were just below freezing so things would not solidify like they hoped.  There has been a lot of traffic on top of that new wet snow.  Groomers were not able to go out because the weight of the groomer would do more damage than good.  Our weather just has not allowed for much grooming this year.  The few, very experienced groomers that tried some stretches this weekend had the snow lay down flat but again, with it being soft they did not hold up to traffic and we had heavy traffic.  However, the temps have dropped last night and today and the high for tomorrow will be 10 degrees.  A bit of fluffy fresh snow today, not much but anything is great and helps keep machines cool.   Many groomers did start yesterday and today and will continue through tomorrow. The groomers report that with the cooler temps the trails, even with the minimal snow are grooming nicely. There is dirt (snirt) in areas and some gravel in others, we do need snow.  With the grooming many of the trails to the north are in fair condition, some areas are a little better and some a little worse.