Ice Fishing Report:

Closed.  Changes in the weather has certainly brought a “welcome to spring” in the area.  Nothing to report about fishing as anglers are giving up on the ice fishing season.  Lots of changes are happening around the Northland as the warmer temperatures has reduce the snow cover drastically and the recent rains with the added precipitation has have escalated the rise in river levels to high and dirty waters.  Ice angling is, for the most part, finished.  Anglers are throwing in the towel and are in the process of putting away their equipment.  Even though some ice might still remain it is definitely not worth the danger.  Hazardous conditions near soft shorelines and unforeseen or hidden weak ice areas are present on all waters.  Instead, it is a good time to make preparations for open water, purchase your new license, re-spool the reels, organizing tackle and create a shopping list for new or to replace damaged items. 

Area lakes open water fishing is still a couple weeks away so be patient.  For the more anxious anglers there are opportunities to fish the rivers and streams in parts of the area.  Stay safe out there.