Fishing Report

Memorial Day Weekend normally brings a transition in fishing from true spring to the first days of summer angling.  We are well ahead of last year when we saw many lakes still covered in ice for opening day and water temperature very cold.  This past week we have seen a series of highs and lows pass through bringing rain, snow and cooler temperature, but now we are rebounding and temperatures will be more to above normal.  That should encourage fish to become more active.  

Musky season opens this weekend and the big fish are reported to be on the move after spawning.  We always like medium size lures this time of the year.  Top-water lures generally are not effective this early in the season, but for now work the shallow waters out to the mid-depths and do so with slow, patience retrieves.  Keep in  mind that as panfish have moved into the shallows to spawn and big musky often stalk them from the nearby, deeper water.  If you see some panfish in the shallows make some casts just on the deeper water side of them.  You may find a musky there. 

Walleye fishing has slowed somewhat lately, but  the fish that are being taken are still in shallower water and light tackle and smaller jigs still are working.  Keep your retrieve slower than usual.  We always expect walleyes to take minnows above all else, but artificial baits are working well of late including a simple twister tail on a jig.  

We have seen some good crappie fishing, but usually in a pretty narrow window, mostly in the afternoons as the day warms,  Water temperatures at that time often rise enough to spur some action from crappies.  Most of the crappies have been on the small side, but there have been some decent sized fish taken on the lakes.  Warmer weather should move larger crappies in sometime this week. 

Bluegills are mostly slow and largemouth bass have been coming on as water temperatures rise, but some cool nights this week has slowed things down.  Northern pike are always active around and in the shallow weeds. 

The dry spring has not yet brought forth any crop of mosquitoes, but do not leave home without some of your favorite repellant.  As the temperature continue to rise they will come.