Fishing/Outdoor Report

After what looked a promising start of Spring last week, hopes were dashed this week with another “winter” storm.  Mr. Winter continued his assault on the northland by delivering 13 to 14+ inches of new snow.  Another setback in the Quiet Lakes businesses rush to get ready for the open water season.  We all are still holding on to hope that spring will final identified itself here in the northland and that the season will start on time 15 days (May 3rd) from now. 

Ice fishing has practically diminished as people are frustrated with the conditions and have begun preparing for the new season .  The most fishing action now can be found on the more southern rivers where the walleye are running. The pre- and post spawn period should be good in this period.  Be sure to check the regulations for the area you are fishing should you decide to go.  There are some size and quantity limits and on some rivers game fishing is still closed.  If you are in a hurry to get the season started I would suggest fishing the rivers. 

As for the northland, my best guess for the start of the season will be the rivers and inlets to the lakes.  The rest of us may be ice fishing come opening day.  We are checking the ice and lake conditions for changes daily, so hope against hope, we will have better reports as we get closer.  Until then, continue preparing for the time when it does happen so we all can enjoy that time on the open water.