Ice Fishing/Outdoor Report:

After the brutal cold weather area lakes have ample ice; however recent snow has increased the snow depths on the ice and made some accesses limited.  Where people had been accessing in vehicles is now in danger of getting stuck.  It is best to use lighter weight snow machines to access such spots.  With the amount of snow we have accumulated, there is might be some slush pockets to be aware of.  Shovels should be readily available and part of your equipment arsenal. Fish success has been hit and miss lately, but that is not uncommon for this time of year. 

Area lakes has not seen a lot of angling pressure due to the snow. Panfish success has been rather slow with the weather changes, but things should pick up as we move toward longer days.  Best bet continues to be mobile to check for active feeding fish.  Downsizing and slowing presentations is important this time of year. Some days it is best to just dead stick and wait. Northern pike, bass and a few walleyes are still coming in on set lines off weed breaks. Northern pike and bass during the day and walleyes in low light periods. 

Snowmobilers are happy with the fresh snow and now have the entire county to roam and ride, you will not run out of miles. All trails have been groomed, panned and brushed. All of the Tuscobia has been groomed. Trail 6 from Ojibwa to the dam on the Flowage, trail 9 from Couderay to the Blueberry Oasis. Tuscobia from Price Co to Birchwood and trail 5. Trails 6 and 9 will be done before the weekend.   The Flambeau will be completed by this afternoon.  Near Deer Run; Trails 21 from 319 to 18 and 18 from the Flowage to 12 have been groomed and will be again before the weekend.  Trail 31 from LCO, trails from Hayward to Little Round Lake, Osprey, Chippewa Flowage and Grindstone all groomed. Trails 29 and 9 off of the Flowage groomed.   All of the trails in the Seeley Hills are groomed. Nelson Lake area groomed.  Trails 15, 5, 9, 3, 18 areas coming in and out of Lake Callahan, the Tiger Cat Flowage, Spider Lake, Round Lake, Lost Land and Teal are groomed.