Fishing Report:

After a beautiful weekend last, which brought a lot of people up to the lakes, our weather rapidly deteriorated. This week has been a mixture of rain, cold, snow. freezing rain, ice and then back to snow and still cold.

Next week’s forecast will start out about the same, but later in the week it will improve, just in time for 2017 -2018 game fishing season next Saturday. (let’s hope they are correct)

Last weekend anglers were finding some crappie in 8 to 10 feet of water and water temperatures were approaching 50 degrees. Indicating they were moving towards the shallows to begin the spawn, but with the change in weather I am sure their advance has been halted.

We all are hoping that this is the last of winter and conditions will improve. Saturday May 6th is only a few days away, are you ready?  Hopefully there will be a good report next week.