Directions To New Temporary Landing On Lost Land Lake

Attention: Public (DNR) Landing Closing On Lost Land Lake

Directions to Temporary Public Boat Landing at The Retreat at Lost Land Lake (while DNR’s) boat ramp in Landing Camp Bay is closed for renovation from Sunday, August 5 through Friday, August 31, 2018)

Approaching from the west (Hayward) while traveling east on State Highway 77: Turn North (left) off Hwy 77 onto Upper A at “Dow’s Corner.” Travel North 0.7 mile to Brandt Road (just past the Happy Hooker Bait Shop). Turn East (right) off Upper A onto Brandt Road. Travel East 2.1 miles to intersection of Brandt and Morgan roads. (Note large sign at intersection for Lost Land Lake Lodge to the North.) From intersection, continue East 0.6 mile on Brandt Road to The Retreat’s driveway. (Note large sign on left for The Retreat just before driveway.) Turn North (left) onto gravel drive into The Retreat at 9216 West Brandt Road.
Travel North past Office and cabins 0.2 mile on gravel and asphalt to access. Follow small directional signs to boat ramp. Do not park in large, grassy turnaround area near the lake.After launching boat, travel back up entrance road ~100 yards to parking area. Back vehicle and trailer into designated (signed) parking area. If parking area is full, try overflow parking further uphill across drive from cabins. Do not park along driveway
Approaching from the east (Park Falls) while traveling west on State Highway 77: Turn North (right) off Hwy 77 onto Morgan Road. Travel North 2.6 miles to stop sign intersection with Brandt Road. Turn East (right) and travel 0.6 mile on Brandt Road to The Retreat’s driveway. From this point, follow same directions as above. Launching and parking are FREE during the DNR ramp renovation period, courtesy of Ralph and Helen Hlavin and Samantha Smith at The Retreat. Temporary signs will be removed and a private launch fee may be charged after the DNR access renovation is completed in
late August.