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Fishing/Outdoor Report

We are in the beginning of what we here in the Northwood’s refer to as the “BROWN TIME”. It is the transition time between winter and spring. The time of year when the snow is melting and creating pools of water that freeze at night creating a hazard for walking anywhere. Even though we still have a lot of snow cover on the ground and lakes it is compacting with the warmth of the day and creating water underneath. Even though we could still get more snow, historically we do, it does not stay long. Snowmobile trails are reported as excellent condition after the 8+ inches of new snow on Monday. With that said, there are going to be some areas that are not ideal, but certainly passable. These areas include road connectors and trails along the road sides or out in the open in the direct sun light. There will be soft snow and/or bareness in these areas as well as at intersections, but wooded trails still have a 10-15″ base and the lakes are good. So while mapping out your weekend ride look to the woods and lakes and minimize trails that are on or near the roads. It is recommended to stay on the trails due to the soft conditions and slush you would encounter should you wander. Many reports of snowmobiles and four wheelers stuck in the slush already.

This also is the time of the year when sap gatherers take to the woods for the making of maple syrup. As the snow departs away from the maple trees and daytime highs are above freezing the sap begins to flow. It take, generally 40 to 60 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup. The sap is then boiled down until it gets to the proper temperature, density and color. Then the syrup is filtered bottled, or canned, and stored in a cool dry location or refrigerated. It is a interesting process and the end product make everything taste better. Should have the chance, or desire, you might want to try making your own. Plenty of “How To” instructions on the web.

Spring turkey season will open April 18 for period A with other period to follow. Award notices nave been sent to customers that filed applications. Checked the award card for the start of the period you selected. On March 19th leftover permits for certain zones will go on sale, check your zone for any bonus permits available. Customer may purchase one per day until they are gone.

As for the angling, it can only be described as slow. Anglers are reporting difficulty even accessing the lakes whether walking or driving due to the depth of the snow and the slush on them. Only a few has attempted and only a few have had moderate success as panfish is the only species open until May. Crappie Minnows as bait is still the best producer.